Star Trek: Voyager - J/7

Watch 'United We Fan' now!!!

For those of you who've wanted to see United We Fan starring the actors and fans of Star Trek and various other fan activists and actors who've tried to save various TV shows including myself, it's out now.

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Feel free to check out these reviews published by various websites.

From 'Star Trek' to 'Timeless,' fan TV-show rescues evolve, but passion remains paramount


‘United We Fan’ Reveals the Necessary Passion and Courage within the Community

'United We Fan' Broaches Queer Women TV Characters and Their Rabid Fanbases

Non-recommendation for a book

Okay, I have been trying to read this book:

The Fifty-Year Mission: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek: The First 25 Years

I am about a third of the way through it, and I don't think that I'm going to be able to finish it, and I can't recommend it to anyone else.

It's full of back-biting and axe-grinding, and reads like a tabloid gossip magazine. It certainly isn't doing anything to enlighten or inform me about what I like about Star Trek.

Two thumbs down!

Instead I'm going back to reread the most excellent three volumes by Marc Cushman: These are the Voyages.



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Just two old companion pieces I'm posting together.

Title: Moving with the Elements
Artist: Romanse
Universe: Star Trek Original Series
Type of Art: Chalk Pastel
Characters: Kirk and Spock
Warnings: Slash

Title: Stars in the Galaxy
Artist: Romanse
Universe: Star Trek Reboot
Type of Art: Chalk Pastel
Characters: Reboot Kirk and Spock
Warnings: Slash

“Two Slash Drawings”

It's Christmas...Feedback is Love! ; )
Hard Day's Night

Book rec

This is my newest book recommendation for Star Trek fans. I will be posting this information to multiple communities and multiple social media platforms, so some of you may see it more than once.

Here is the write-up from

Star Trek: 50 Artists 50 Years
To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, CBS Consumer Products have commissioned a series of art pieces to celebrate moments, characters, storylines and episodes from the franchise. Artists from around the world as well as famous fans have contributed lovingly made posters, photos, sculptures, comic strips, textiles and much more to commemorate this beloved show. Foreword by Nicholas Meyer.

It also is available in a suitable-for-framing calendar:
STAR TREK™ 50 artists. 50 years 2017 Poster Calendar showcases the work of artists from around the globe who created original pieces to celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary. This spiral-bound calendar features easily detached perforations above and beneath the image, each calendar page becomes an 11x14-inch easy-to-frame poster perfect for display in a standard gallery frame. It features work by Leonard Nimoy, Tom Whalen, Nick Walker, Johnson Tsang, Derek Charm, Susan Beatrice, and others.


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Forwarding for someone else.

I have a few Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mixed Media fanzines left from my zine sale and I’ve reduced the prices on many of them. The Sentinel zines are all sold.
There is some outstanding fiction and art in these remaining zines, and all of them are classics, especially the Stardate: Unknown #2 (from Gerry Downes, who is sometimes now referred to as the Grandmother of Slash, although this was her gen zine) and the issue of Interphase by the legendary Connie Faddis.
As for the Star Wars zines, the Kessel Runs are magnificent thick issues chockful of good art and fiction, and you don’t get better writing than Ellen Randolph’s Revenge of the Sith, illustrated by Karen River.
Link to the main zine sale page:
I hope you find something you like!

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Forwarding this for someone else. Please do not contact me or this list about these zines.

I will be cross-posting this, and please feel free to forward to any interested persons, lists, LJs, Facebook communities, etc.

I will add that many of these early zines are among the most popular and best-received zines in their respective fandoms, and deservedly so.

If I didn't already own these zines, I would be snapping them up in this sale.


Hi. I have some used zines for sale. Here's a list of what I have below; if you'd like to make an offer on any of them that are not on the webpage yet, you can email me at thistle [at] ravenshadow [dot] net or at thistlethorn58 [at] gmail [dot] com. I will ship to the US using either Priority Mail or Media Mail, and I'm willing to ship outside the US, but I don't yet have all of the shipping options worked out. Priority Mail International is kind of prohibitive; First Class International is a bit more affordable.

If you buy a zine through the webpage, the shipping is currently set up as Priority Mail, which can be expensive for zines. I am very willing to ship via Media Mail, but I'm still trying to figure out that option on the PayPal selling tools. There is no option for Media Mail there (for me to offer to my buyers). So for right now, you can either buy a zine through the website using the shopping cart buttons, pay the Priority shipping, but ask in the notes for Media Mail (or email me, or both). I will figure out the Media Mail cost and refund the amount that you've overpaid me. Or, you can just email me to let me know which zine you are buying and I'll work up the correct price and reply. You can then pay me through PayPal directly using either email address: thistle [at] ravenshadow [dot] net or thistlethorn58 [at] gmail [dot] com.

The webpage with the ST zines is set up now:

I am still working on the rest of the zine sale pricing and webpages. It takes me awhile, especially going through the teeny tiny html code to put in the "add to cart" PayPal buttons. I have some visual impairment, so that tends to be time-consuming. (Getting' old ain't for sissies. ;-)) Feel free to write to me and make an offer on any of the titles, even those that I have already priced. These prices aren't set in stone; I'm willing to dicker. :-)

I prefer payment via PayPal, but if you don't have PayPal and want to pay with a check or money order, let me know; if the zine you want is still available, I can accommodate you. :-)

I hope you find something you like!


Star Trek fanzines:
Stardate: Unknown #2
Interphase #3 (an authorized photocopy, as far as I know)
The Night of the Twin Moons
The Complete Rack (2 copies)
The Third Verdict
IDIC #5 (Sahaj novel, The Forging), 6
Sahaj Collected
Clipper Trade Ship #16,17,27

Mixed Media fanzines (includes ST content):
Warped Space #38,39

For the Love of Spock

Last night I attended a backer's screening for the new documentary, For the Love of Spock. As I am sure all of you know, this film was directed by his son, Adam Nimoy.

Adam was present for the screening, and he began the evening with a tribute to Anton Yelchin, which everyone really appreciated.

The film is a lovely and loving look at both Mr. Spock and Leonard. To say that I was enthralled from the opening images through the closing credits is an understatement.

Adam stayed afterward for a Q&A and then to pose for photos and so on. I don't have a camera, but I had brought some appropriate reading material with me, so I now have his autograph on my copy of I am Not Spock.  :-)

This film was introduced in April at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is my understanding that, as of September 9 (the day after ST's 50th anniverary), they will be giving it a wider (but limited) release. It will be in at least 10 major markets. Later on it will be released to Netflix. However, Adam is quite hopeful that fans will attend the theater showings (not the least of which is the need to recoup costs, as the Kickstarter campaign simply could not cover everything).

I can't imagine that any Trek fan will want to miss this movie if it comes nearby. It is fabulous.


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