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Forwarding for someone else.

I have a few Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mixed Media fanzines left from my zine sale and I’ve reduced the prices on many of them. The Sentinel zines are all sold.
There is some outstanding fiction and art in these remaining zines, and all of them are classics, especially the Stardate: Unknown #2 (from Gerry Downes, who is sometimes now referred to as the Grandmother of Slash, although this was her gen zine) and the issue of Interphase by the legendary Connie Faddis.
As for the Star Wars zines, the Kessel Runs are magnificent thick issues chockful of good art and fiction, and you don’t get better writing than Ellen Randolph’s Revenge of the Sith, illustrated by Karen River.
Link to the main zine sale page: http://jeankluge.ravenshadow.net/zine_sale.htm
I hope you find something you like!
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