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classic_trek's Journal

Classic Trek
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Classic Star Trek: The Original Series.


This community is for fans of the classic Star Trek: TOS universe. Since there are a number of communities now dedicated to the new Reboot movies (scroll down for a list of links), I thought it would be nice to have at least one community devoted exclusively to the original Star Trek series, and the original timeline.

All kinds of posts are welcome here, including fanfic, icons, banners, fan art, fanvids, screencaps, discussion posts, essays, macros, recs, reviews, posts about the actors, and anything else related to TOS. Just be sure that whatever you post is primarily concerned with the original Star Trek timeline, or the original cast.

You're welcome to crosspost or repost things you've already posted in other communities, especially if it's been a while since you posted them -- there may be others who haven't seen them yet!

Community Rules

First of all, be courteous. No bashing other members, characters, or the new movie. We don't want any flamewars around here.

Second, please use an LJ-cut tag for any long posts, large images, or posts containing more than three icons. If you don't know how to use a cut tag, there are instructions here. If you're posting a fanfic, put the story behind a cut, and place the following header (or something similar) outside the cut tag to let readers know what your story is about.

Characters: [include pairings if applicable]

You may wish to use a similar header for fan art, fanvids, and other types of posts as well.

If your post contains sexually explicit content, or other content that might be considered offensive to some, please make your post friends-only, in addition to using an LJ-cut and placing the appropriate rating and/or warnings in the header.

Also, you are welcome to post links to other people's work, but please do not post any stories, artwork, or other creations that are not your own.

And, of course, feel free to use any of the community tags to label your posts! If none of the available tags apply, just pick "new tag needed!" and I'll make one for you.

Other Star Trek Communities

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